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God Bless America Coloring Page - Printable (4.62/5 stars from 13 reviews)

This coloring page is perfect for the Fourth of July. It features a simple map of the United States with the phrase "God Bless America." With fun patriotic symbols to color in, it is great for...

God Bless America

I just love this item.

God Bless America

My Sunbeam class loved them

Not sure they understood what the 4th of July meant. But their expressions were priceless

God Bless America Coloring Page


God Bless America coloring page

I loved the title & the variety of things to color. The different states & a few bonuses of a covered wagon, gold plates, SLC temple, trees, boat, stars & fireworks. Loved it thank you!

God Bless America Coloring Page - Printable

very awesome coloring page . kids loved it ! thanks!

God Bless America Printable

This was easy to print and a good quality file that was not pixellated. My family enjoyed coloring these together. Thank you!


My grandson is 6 but from day 1 when he knew what America was and the defenders of our nation, he has everything as red, white and blue and he lets everyone know that he ā€œ loves America ā€œ . Iā€™m so proud of him and his parents for teaching him theses values and for him to love it so much!

I needed this to be hung during this election time

This provided hope in our future to be one people with one heart and one mind. Kids loved it! Easy to put in cart and then download from email. The pictures were quality art that as an adult I would enjoy coloring them! Thank you!

My grandkids really liked coloring this.

When I showed it to them they sat right down and began to color. We used it on the fourth of July when all the kids came over. Perfect for younger and older kids!

OK for Midwest kids

because the banner kinda covers some states it doesn't get a 5, but I love everything else about it