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Gospel Restoration Word Search (5.00/5 stars from 8 reviews)

The Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is a momentous time in history! Celebrate it with this fun word search. It features popular phrases tied to the Restoration and Church history....

Lots of fun!



WE are a small branch who does not have any children on a regular bases. So I print and then review all Come Follow Me scriptures with our regular member who comes about every 3-4 weeks to visit her dad. Thanks for these great pictures that go with the scriptures we are reviewing.

Fun family time

This was fun to do with the family.

Fun puzzle

We had fun doing this for our family night!

Fun wordsearch

This went over well with my Primary class. I try to give them some kind of handout every week.

Gospel restoration word search

I got this for a family who will be driving from Colorado to Utah to relocate. This word search will be fun for the kids.

Great for conference

My son loved doing this during conference. It kept him quietly engaged for a while. Love these kinds of resources for conference or church.

Restoration word search.

Since we are going to study the Doctrine and Covenents this year, this word search has double value. It's educational, because it encourages spelling of pertinent words and introduces terms for all ages that we will be using as we are studying