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Alma and Amulek Book of Mormon Coloring Page - Printable (4.90/5 stars from 10 reviews)

Alma and Amulek are known for the missionary zeal. This coloring page features Alma and Amulek teaching others about Jesus and was inspired by Alma 12. Use it alongside your Come,...

My son loved coloring this while we talked about the story during our home church. It kept him engaged so we could teach our kids. Love it!

Great picture

A Great Resource for Family Scripture Study

Our 6 year-old colored this sheet while the rest of us discussed the story of Alma and Amulek and she really felt more part of the lesson and like she was contributing by telling us what was in the picture. It helped her learn the story better. I'd recommend these coloring sheets to any family studying the Come Follow Me lessons with little ones.

alma and amulek

This is another very good printable. Excellent art work!

alma and amulek

As always, I think that the coloring pages that are offered are beautifully done and will help the primary children visualize the BOM stories.

Alma and Amulek Book of Mormon Coloring Page

This is a good one.

AMAZING and GREAT little coloring

This is a great coloring item for those getting baptized soon. Our daughter will be baptized in Oct and I decided to print a random one not realizing I printed a coloring page that has to do with the subject of baptism!

Color pages

Every color page that I download is a beautifully done work of art. I love coloring them as much as the children do. I also learn a bit more from each one that is associated with our Sunday School lessons. They help me focus on the lesson better. I highly recommend them to anyone for a Sunday afternoon of fun and relaxation.

Printable pictures to go with Primary lesson

I love these pictures. I send a letter with the Primary lesson for that week along with the handout from Come Follow Me. I then include the printable picture I get from LDS Bookstore. I understand the kids love them. I teach the CTR 7

Very good teaching aid!!

I enjoy these photos. They are come in handy when I teach my grandchildren about the scriptures. It keeps them busy while we discuss the story.