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Tree of Life Coloring Page - Printable (5.00/5 stars from 12 reviews)

The vision of the Tree of Life is a beloved Book of Mormon story. It teaches us many gospel truths and is now available as this fun coloring page. It features many aspects of the vision and multiple...


Great visual for the Tree of Life!

Beautiful picture

This is a beautiful coloring page. My grandchildren loved coloring it. It is so nice to find a place where I can find LDS lesson material for my family that is very beautful and tastefully done.

Thank you.

Coloring page

I love being able to use this for primary!

Coloring pages

I love these coloring pages! I print them out for my grandchildren to color.

Coloring Pages

I love these coloring pages and use them with my grandkids.

Come Follow Me Printables

These are great items.....Good to use in Primary or for personal use for children and grandchildren.

Thanks for making them.

My daughter loved it

My daughter needed to draw or color a picture of her favorite Book of Mormon story, and she chose this one. This one was great, and it was free, which was awesome! The picture quality was great and we will definitely download more.

Tree of Life

I love this picture. I love the Tree of Life. It is one of my most favorite stories.


Tree of Life Coloring Page

Good one.

Tree of Life coloring page