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Blessed Art Thou Nephi Coloring Page - Printable (5.00/5 stars from 10 reviews)

Nephi, the eldest son of Helaman, struggled to share the gospel in the midst of a wicked people. However, the Lord comforted and empowered him with words of love and strength. This col...

Blessed are thou Nephi coloring page

This is great! I love it. Can be used to help my grandchildren or even use in Primary.

I hope you do this next year for the Doctrine and Covenants study!


I am really enjoying these color pictures. The style of dress is true and I think about the message as I color.😊

Blessed Art Thou Nephi Coloring Page


Boys loved coloring during conference!

My three boys loved the coloring sheet. They spent time coloring in during conference.

Come follow me printables

I love the printables. I use them for my Primary Sunbeam class, because they cannot read yet, so the coloring pages are perfect.

Thank you for providing this resource

Come follow me printables

Every week I prepare a lesson for my Primary children to share with their families. These printables are a get addition to the games I put together. Parents have told me they use the printables in their gospel discussions each Sunday.

Great addition to Come Follow me

I love these coloring sheets. Thank you so much for providing them for no charge.

Great product for kids!!!

My kids absolutely love to color these while I'm going through the come follow me scriptures for the week. It helps them to imagine the stories in the Book of Mormon and keeps them from getting bored.


I love how there are so many pictures for my kids to color that go along with the Come Follow Me lessons each week.

Wonderful pages

They really help to reinforce the Come, Follow Me lessons for my grandson. Easy to color, yet detailed, and are of images that aren't too familiar.