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Other Sheep I Have Coloring Page - Printable (4.83/5 stars from 6 reviews)

As Jesus taught the people in ancient America, he taught that they were a people prophesied of during his ministry. He called disciples and began preaching the gospel. This Book of Mormon coloring...

9 and newly baptized

I occasionally watch a friend's 9 yr old who was baptized 6 months ago. He has his video games he brings to play while here but I like to have something fun yet more meaningful to do when he is here. Printable color pages do this well.

coloring page

Thank you for sending out the coloring picture each week the children and I just love it .please contuine to sent them each week and i give out them to the children with a little treat with them and again thank you Lorri Jorgensen

Other sheep I have

I like to try to stay grounded and not so caught up in the hi-tech world, this is a great way to do that.

Other Sheep I have coloring page

Same as before....These are great for Family HOme Evening and Primary.

I love these coloring pages. I hope you do the same for next year.

Thank you so much!

Other Sheep I Have Coloring Page


What a Powerful Picture!

This might be the most beautiful coloring page depicting Jesus Christ's visit to the Americas. Thank you for making this available. It's fantastic.