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This bag features a strong nylon construction that will last beyond your misison. Made with a comfortable frame that allows for air circulation. With an ajustable padded shoulder strap and comfortable waist strap which make carrying this pack a breeze, and perfect for riding a bike! The waist strap can be tucked away making it a true shoulder bag. The should strap has 2 reflective strips on it to help keep you safe will on the road. The large size zipper pulls allow for easy opening and closing of the bag even with gloves on. And very importantly a built-in, detachable, water proof rain cover that will protect your bag during rain.
The bag features the following specialized pockets:
Outside top pocket, perfect for a planner and pens, also includes a clip-on keychain to keep your keys safe. Pamphlet pocket, and two pass along card and name tag pockets. Side padded pocket, perfect for cameras, phones, etc. Side utility pocket perfect for small tools or snacks. Inside mesh pocket perfect for backup pens and other easy access small items. Large scripture and Preach My Gospel inside space. Two quick draw pockets for DVDs and Book of Mormon. Detachable Water-proof Rain Cover

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Ok bag

By Sherrie R on 11/9/2021
This bag is good quality, but nothing spectacular. A good basic bag. Hip belt is well padded, big buckle.
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Be aware of what you're buying.

By Jackson on 12/13/2020
Like others have pointed out, this bag does very little to keep heavy rain out. I used to use old pamphlets as a kind of shield for the contents of my bag. The waterproof wrap doesn't enclose the bag and leaves rather a decent bit exposed. Rainwater will run down your back or coat and soak through the back. Or simply run off the top and down the back to the same end. Even if it did provide full coverage, I'm not a fan of needing to put on the cover or partially remove it to get at the contents of my bag. I really did like the camera pocket though, I must say. It is also quite a cramped bag. That's fine for some, but I like to carry a lot and have a bit roomier of a bag to do so. Also, sadly, not but three months into my Mission and I was already replacing broken shoulder strap pieces with carabiners. The rest of the bag seemed to hold up well, but the plastic pieces of the shoulder strap broke easily. A companion of mine had the same issue with his Taska.

I'm actually rather stunned as I was told that the designer of this bag went to the same mission as me: Iceland. Taska means "bag" in Icelandic. Yet, at least on Iceland, having a waterproof bag is an absolute must! We were always soaked through and I learned to stop caring, but I really wasn't too fond of handing out soaked and warped copies of The Book of Mormon. I was fond of the bag, but these things were a hinderance nearly every day before I got a different bag. For a less "wet" climate, I can recommend the bag if a small bag with good pockets is your thing. Bringing a few carabiners just in case couldn't hurt.

If you are a Missionary headed to Iceland, I would recommend at least a fairly water resistant bag. TimBuk2 is amazing and the stm Velo 2 is another good one. They're kinda difficult to find. If you find yourself having trouble with it while biking, shorten the strap. These wider bags don't tend to slide down as smaller ones do. Iceland actually got bikes when I had three transfers left, so there's much less walking in at least the two areas that now have bikes. The other two just ride busses everywhere. I also hear they finally got smartphones there, so that might be a factor in your bag choosing. Velo has a good pocket for that.
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Great bag for missionaries

By Dastrup on 7/1/2020
This bag has a strap that goes around the waist and will secure the bag while a missionary is tracting or riding a bike. I have sent out 3 missionaries. The first had this bag, the second had a different one, and now my last will be going out with the bag. My second missionary went to a 3rd world country and began having shoulder problems. The bag that he had did not have a good strap around the waist that would take the weight of his bag off of his shoulder. He had many problems while he was there and ended up coming home for shoulder surgery. When it was time for our 3rd missionary to go, the second strongly suggested getting the same bag as our 1st had because of the strap.
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By Susan on 4/9/2018
<p>This is the 3rd TASKA bag I have purchased for missionaries, 2 of which have returned with the bag still it total working order. One bag went to the Marshall Islands (Kiribati) and one to Southern California. Both weathered the elements perfectly and neither broke. All compartments worked very well and held everything they needed/used. The newest purchase is for an elder leaving to serve in Colorado. He spent the first time trying all the straps and handles, putting things in and out and rearranging everything. He is delighted with is. I have been very happy with the responses I had from these 3 young men but there is a 4th, the one who first recommended the bag to me. His came home from as well in perfect working order.</p>
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This bag does NOT handle wear and tear and does NOT protect well against heavy rain

By Osornino on 6/14/2017
Though this bag may work for some missions, it did NOT work well in mine. I served in the Chile Osorno Mission, where there is heavy rain in the wintertime, and the missionaries travel either by walking or using public transportation (we didn't have bikes or cars). So my mission gear got a lot of wear.

This bag isn't sturdy enough to handle two years in a mission like mine. After only six months of being in Chile, the bag's shoulder strap broke. Other parts of the bag (such as the padding on the waist strap) later broke as well.

Although this bag is advertised as having a waterproof raincover to keep it dry, the location of the clasps that connect the shoulder straps to the bag keep the raincover from covering the entire bag. So the raincover only covers about half of the bag, which allows water to easily enter and soak pamphlets and scriptures. I had to put all my missionary gear in double plastic bags within the Taska bag to keep them from getting wet.

What I like about this bag is the waist strap that helps take weight off of your shoulders and all of the small pockets that you can put pass-along cards and pens in. However, there are better missionary bags that have waist straps and pockets as well.

Also, there wasn't a very convenient way for me to carry a wet umbrella in this bag. It would also be nice if the bag had an outside mesh water bottle pocket (though the bag has small pockets on the side that do not work very well with bottles).

In short, I would not recommend this bag to someone who is going to a rainy mission or a mission without cars.
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Mrs. Surette

By Jane Surette on 8/25/2016
I have bought two of these for two grandsons and they are pleased. I do have a missionary in our branch who has one and he is having trouble with the zipper.