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With changes happening in the Church to focus on the paramount importance of the home, Latter-day Saints are striving more than ever to understand and call upon the power of God. This includes a renewed emphasis on priesthood power. Some are surprised to learn that priesthood authority, privileges, and power apply to women as well as men. Our limited understanding often stems from the doctrine of the priesthood being taught too narrowly. This has led to many women feeling undervalued, voiceless, and marginalized regarding the priesthood.

But it need not be that way. In The Priesthood Power of Women, author Barbara Morgan Gardner explores teachings of the living prophets and scriptures to increase our understanding of God's power as it operates in the temple, the Church, and the family. Her well-documented research demonstrates that women have more authority and power in all those settings than they may have previously supposed.

In a compelling invitation to action, the author writes, "How will we as women use the priesthood power we have been endowed with in our homes, communities, and world if we don't know what it is, let alone how to call upon it?" This powerful book will help all members, especially women, more completely understand God's power and take full advantage of the powers, blessings, and privileges available to them in this mortal journey.

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Product Reviews

Overall Customer Rating of 4 Reviews:


By Bader k on 2/11/2020
Haven't finished reading, but sogar impressed

Great read

By George on 12/26/2019
Bought this book for my wife for Christmas and she loved it. Very insightful and wonderfully done.

The Priesthood Power of Women

By Cybele on 10/27/2019
Loved reading this book. It was insightful, thoughtful, well researched and inspired. It clarified how the priesthood really works.
There was even a chart of how priesthood keys and authority are given in the church.
I've always known that women had the priesthood but didn't quite understand its nuances. It puzzled me and made me sad to see/learn that some women still don't know/understand this powerful truth.
Thank you Sis. Gardner for writing this!

Timing was perfect with our last General conference.

By Tim on 10/22/2019
This book is excellent. Women have always had Priesthood Power in our church. It is just revealed in this book more!