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Product Description:

Christ Bust

White Cultured Marble

This bust is a perfect gift for college students, missionaries, neighbors, and more.

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3 ' bust of Christ

Not as I thot Christ would look, hair, face, expression

Hands of Christ

I think this statue is the perfect "Thank You" for service rendered! I have recently needed help, and when I saw these, I knew it was the perfect way to thank my friends. Thank you for a great product!

Perfect Gift

I absolutely love this statue of Christ! It is a perfect gift for visiting teaching sisters. The smaller size, and lower price, means I can give a meaningful gift that doesn't break the bank.

False advertising

It is clearly labeled "marble" on the website. It is plaster of paris. Nice job...lying about a bust of Christ. Mind you, I kind of expected that it would be plaster at that price, but still. Call it what is is, not what it ain't.