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Who's Your Hero? teaches young children about heroic examples from the Book of Mormon, but even more: At the end of each scripture story, children will learn a timely heroic lessons for today. For example, Captain Moroni finds spiritual protection in praying and studying his scriptures (just like he provided physical protection by equipping himself and his soldiers with full armor), and Mormon does a thorough job on is homework and chores (just like he did a thorough job in abridging all the records to give us the Book of Mormon). Family home evening ideas and activities are also featured. Who's Your Hero? is ideal for starting children early on to love the Book of Mormon.

This second volume has eight heroes, spanning from mid Alma through Moroni.

  • CAPTAIN MORONI Finds Protection in Righteousness
  • HELAMAN’S WARIORS Respect Their Parents
  • TEANCUM Goes Beyond What is Expected (NEW)
  • NEPHI & LEHI Follow the Spirit
  • BEYOND BETHLEHEM A Book of Mormon Christmas
  • JESUS CHRIST loves perfectly (SPECIAL)
  • THE BROTHER OF JARED Shows Great Faith
  • MORMON & MORONI Act Responsibly

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