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Product Description

It is not simply a tie, but symbolizes a coming of age. Green, brown, and white stripe ties show us growth, strength, and faith. It’s great for boys ages 9-12 that will match any shirt. Not only does it look good, but the price won’t break the bank and will stay together for longer. The simple design with the “CTR” in the stripes is a great gift that will last for years. It can be worn any day or for more formal occasions. This washable tie is not only easy to clean, but it is more durable than silk ties.

Giving a talk? It’ll look professional while showing you are choosing the right.

Going to a wedding? This simple green will not only match the bouquet but also any stylish event you attend.

Watching General Conference? A great tie to wear while you take notes. (Or doodle, we don’t judge.) 

So remember “CTR”, choose the right and pick this tie.

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