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175 Temple Symbols and Their Meanings

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    • 175 Temple Symbols and Their Meanings Book
    • By Donald W. Parry
    • Learn about temple symbols that point us toward Jesus Christ
    • Features both ancient and modern temples
    • Hardcover, 320 pages, 6" x 9" inches

    President Russell M. Nelson taught us that "each temple is a house of learning. There we are taught in the Master's way. His way differs from modes of others. His way is ancient and rich with symbolism. We can learn much by pondering the reality for which each symbol stands."

    With 175 separate entries, this volume explores a variety of these rich symbols and truths regarding ancient and modern temples. Listed in alphabetical order for convenient references, the entries deal with a broad range of categories, including temple architecture, rituals and ordinances, sacred clothing, sacrificial offerings, geometric symbols, colors, heavenly bodies (sun, moon, stars), prayer and revelation, sacred names, religious festivals, and more. This thorough yet accessible collection allows each of us to gain a greater understanding of valuable symbols, enriching our temple experience and giving each of us a clearer vision of the many ways our temple worship points us toward Jesus Christ.