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Article of Faith Superstar Game

Item #: CF-P54242
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    • Become a superstar!
    • Memorize the Articles of Faith
    • Game with different difficulty levels
    • Play with family, friends, and primary classes!

    Memorizing the Articles of Faith has never been this fun or easy! Bright and exciting game cards are worth from one to four points, depending on the level of difficulty. Get together with your family, primary class, and friends, and see who will become the Articles of Faith Superstar!

    "What a great blessing it would be if every member of the Church memorized the Articles of Faith and became knowledgeable about the principles in contained in each. We would be better prepared to share the gospel with others . . . The Articles of Faith were not the work of a team of scholars but were authored by a single, inspired man who declared comprehensively and concisely that essential doctrines of the gospel of Jesus Christ. They contain direct and simple statements of the principles of our religion, and they constitute strong evidence of the divine inspiration that rested upon the Prophet Joseph Smith." Elder L. Tom Perry, April 1998