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Product Description

With a simple, bold design, this Articles of Faith pocket card is perfect for teens and missionaries. It fits easily in any pocket or wallet and is approximately the size of a business card. Each one is printed on a durable plastic material similar to a credit card, so it won't bend or rip. 

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Product Reviews

Overall Customer Rating of 6 Reviews:

Articles of faith card

I feel that this card is hard to read because the print is so small. Other than that it is a great reference card to use when looking up the articles of faith.

Articles of Faith card

My 83 y.o. husband cannot read the small print!!! Larger font would be so much better!!

Easy to use.

Articles of Faith

Please use bigger font for older people so they can easily read this

Bennie Review

Print is too small

Article of faith pocket card

I meet a lot of non-members and I hand out the pocket cards. The cards came quickly and were perfect.