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Pocket Priesthood Ordinance Card

Item #: LDP-CRD226
Price: $1.99




    Ready to Ship: 1-3 Business Days
    • Printed on durable, waterproof plastic
    • Includes sacrament prayers, consecrating oil, anointing and sealing, and blessings of comfort & counsel
    • Convenient wallet size
    • Perfect for any Melchizedek priesthood holder

    Be prepared in any situation with our new Pocket Priesthood Ordinance Card. Each one is designed to keep the instructions for priesthood ordinances right at your fingertips. Made of durable plastic and approximately the size of a credit card, each Pocket Priesthood Ordinance Card is easy to carry and will last.

    These cards feature the instructions for:

    • Consecrating Oil
    • Administering to the Sick
    • Blessings of Comfort & Counsel
    • Blessing the Bread (Sacrament Prayer)
    • Blessing the Water (Sacrament Prayer)

    This card is perfect for newly ordained priesthood holders, missionaries, or any man and woman wanting to provide these essential instructions in emergency situations.