• Printed on durable, waterproof plastic.
  • Includes sacrament prayers, consecrating oil, anointing and sealing, and blessings of comfort & counsel.
  • Convenient wallet size.
  • Perfect for any Melchizedek priesthood holder.
Item #: LDP-CRD226
UPC / ISBN: 753248973697
Price: $1.49
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Product Description:

Be prepared in any situation with our new Pocket Priesthood Ordinance Card. Each one is designed to keep the instructions for priesthood ordinances right at your fingertips. Made of durable plastic and approximately the size of a credit card, each Pocket Priesthood Ordinance Card is easy to carry and will last.

These cards feature the instructions for:

  • Consecrating Oil
  • Administering to the Sick
  • Blessings of Comfort & Counsel
  • Blessing the Bread (Sacrament Prayer)
  • Blessing the Water (Sacrament Prayer)

This card is perfect for newly ordained priesthood holders, missionaries, or any man and woman wanting to provide these essential instructions in emergency situations.

Product Reviews

Overall Customer Rating of 11 Reviews:

Card and Vile

Vilest is great.
Card letterings to small

Ordinance cards

They are Great

Type Size

The type size couldn't be smaller. Even with my reading glasses, I have to use a magnifier.
I'd suggest putting the blessing of bread and water on one card, front and back horizontally so a person can place it on a table and read it just like they do in Sacrament meeting.
Priesthood ordinations could be placed on another card, increasing the size of the type a bit so a person can read it. "Look what I've got Elder!" "Wow, what does it say?" "Just a minute, I'll get my magnifying glass."

Pocket ordinance card

This was a great find. All the priesthood prayers and blessing info on a small laminated card that fits in your wallet. We gave them to our bishopric for Father’s Day. Not expensive either.

Sturdy plastic...small print

Very sturdy plastic. Credit card material. The only thing bad is the print is very small making it hard to read

Priesthood card

I think it's a great idea to have but to read it the print is real small I have a hard time reading it but every priesthood holder should have one