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Iron Rod Oil Vial

Item #: LDP-OVL05235
Price: $14.99
    Ready to Ship: 1-3 Business Days
    Can be personalized
    • Exclusive Iron Rod Oil Vial
    • Made of stainless steel
    • Leak-proof rubber seal
    • Perfect for Latter-day Saint men
    This exclusive, the Iron Rod Oil Vial. An oil vial that won't leak or break, it'll last for years to come. An improved classic design is our most durable oil vial yet, made entirely of stainless steel. The leak-proof rubber seal ensures your consecrated oil will stay where it needs to be. It also has a silver matte finish for a sleek look. This beautiful oil vial features the engraved words "Hold to the Rod, the iron rod." It is a perfect gift for young men, missionaries, and men overall.

    The Iron Rod is about staying on the path of God and holding tight. That if you let go you can wander and get lost, and it becomes much harder to find the iron rod again. That the iron rod symbolizes the "word of God". That you hold onto the gospel of Jesus Christ. The natural man would wander. They are "a person who chooses to be influenced by the passions, desires, appetites, and senses of the flesh rather than by the promptings of the Holy Spirit." That if we exercise faith and follow the commandments we can more easily choose the right and stay on the path. When you wander away you can repent and be brought back to the iron rod.

    "Hold to the rod, the iron rod; 'tis strong, and bright, and true. The iron rod is the word of God; 'Twill safely guide us through."