• 223 Bullet Oil Vial Keychain - GTD-223VIAL
  • 223 Bullet Oil Vial Keychain - GTD-223VIAL
  • 223 Bullet Oil Vial Keychain - GTD-223VIAL
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Item #: GTD-223VIAL
UPC / ISBN: 753248964664
Price: $15.95
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Product Description:

This unique oil vial design is perfect for hunters or sport shooters. Made from the casing of a .223 round, this eye-catching oil vial will last for years. The vial has a rubber seal to prevent leaking, and a dropper for convenience when giving blessings.

Product Reviews

Overall Customer Rating of 9 Reviews:


Love the design my husband and I are avid hunters and gun owners. Protection from evil in two ways. Just love this idea!

Wonderful Gift

I love it!! It's for a gift and I can't wait to see their reaction!

223 oil vial

We totally love these. We hunt a lot! This is a personalized oil vial for our life style.

Great idea, looking forward to getting one

Very appropriate, to put consecrated oil in. Just ask guns and bullets are used to protect ourselves I can't think of a much better vile to put consecrated oil in then a bullet. As a bullet is used to help protect people from harm just as consecrated oil used by a worthy priesthood holder is used to help heal people. There are always going to be people out here in the world that are going to hate something like this because they think it represents nothing but killing people. But as a retired army Sergeant I no guns and bullets are good for keeping people safe as well. Very thoughtful well designed


I can hardly imagine a worse item for CONSECRATED oil. And , yes, I am a gun owner. Please reconsider.

For sure my favorite oil vial! Of the 5 I have this one is my favorite (besides the one I inherited from my stepdad after he passed away)! This vial means so much to me due to being a Marine it’s a wonderful way to show pride in being a member of the church in my unit!