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223 Bullet Oil Vial Keychain (4.38/5 stars from 13 reviews)

Created from a .223 round casing, this eye-catching oil vial will last for years. With a rubber seal to prevent leaking and a dropper for convenience when giving blessings. It easily attaches to...

For sure my favorite oil vial! Of the 5 I have this one is my favorite (besides the one I inherited from my stepdad after he passed away)! This vial means so much to me due to being a Marine it’s a wonderful way to show pride in being a member of the church in my unit!

The product is great! Very good quality. The shipping is horrible. And, you have to pay for it. Tracking was useless. Will not buy anything that needs to be shipped if I have to pay for it.

223 oil vial

We totally love these. We hunt a lot! This is a personalized oil vial for our life style.


Absolutely Beautiful! Definitely the coolest oil vial I've ever purchased!
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Absolutely Beautiful! Definitely the coolest oil vial I've ever purchased!
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Bullet blessings

I got this for my younger brothers birthday. I've been looking for an oil vial that would be good for someone who was just set apart as Elder. It's great because when putting oil he tends to make a Cesar salad out of the person with the top, it will be easier for him to put consecrated oil on someone's head

Great gift

I bought both the 9mm and 223 bullet for Father's Day and my husband loved them. True to size and description, very well made. Have given one as a gift to another which they enjoyed. Some may be critical of this form of vial - however, when you live in a rural area and hunt - these vials are true to a part of your life. I am purchasing additional for my grandsons.

Great idea, looking forward to getting one

Very appropriate, to put consecrated oil in. Just ask guns and bullets are used to protect ourselves I can't think of a much better vile to put consecrated oil in then a bullet. As a bullet is used to help protect people from harm just as consecrated oil used by a worthy priesthood holder is used to help heal people. There are always going to be people out here in the world that are going to hate something like this because they think it represents nothing but killing people. But as a retired army Sergeant I no guns and bullets are good for keeping people safe as well. Very thoughtful well designed

Looks great, works great

I've been using the 223 and 9mm oil vial for the last 9 months (I keep the 9mm on my wife's key chain so if we're traveling in her car I still have oil on me at all times) and have had no issues. They hold oil and look great. I also get a lot of comments about them and people love that it's an oil vial. Also gives you a great opportunity to teach non-members about the priesthood when the inquire about the bullet on your key chain. I've had no experience with the spirit leaving or feeling a lack of priesthood power when using these oil vials.


I can hardly imagine a worse item for CONSECRATED oil. And , yes, I am a gun owner. Please reconsider.