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Pocket Priesthood Ordinance Card (4.88/5 stars from 25 reviews)

Be prepared in any situation with our new Pocket Priesthood Ordinance Card. Each one is designed to keep the instructions for priesthood ordinances right at your fingertips. Made of durable plastic...

This is nice

Very nice


Awesome, very useful and great to have!


Thanks for getting these to me quickly

Good for Aaronic Priesthood holders

I was looking for something more comprehensive for someone older who was recently baptised. The card is made well, but it's missing some of the other ordinances that make this card more of a temporary resource.

Great Card to Have On Hand

I usually keep one of these in my wallet and a few extra at home. If someone ever needs one, like a new Elder, I give him the one out of my wallet and grab an extra one at home. It has come in super handy in the stay at home pandemic. I gave one to each of my Priest age sons so they an bless the sacrament correctly. It is also great to have something that is not online you can pull out anywhere. There are few more items I'd like to see added, but then it gets too big. So, this seems to do the job well and is a great refresher before giving a blessing or conducting an ordinace

Great product

This is really handy. The size of a credit card so it can be kept in a wallet. Hard plastic. Has both sacrament prayers as well as blessings for comfort and counsel, consecrating oil and administering to the sick. No need to look in manuals or online if you are carrying this card.

Line of authority plaque

It’s beautiful. Easy to read and finished nicely. I would recommend this highly.


A Valentine's Day gift for my spouse. Hoping it fits better in his wallet.

Ordinance card

Just what I wanted, except if it were folded in half, the print could be larger and far more readable