Ideas to Make Your At-Home Sacrament Meeting Special

With the recent rise of cases of COVID-19 across the United States and the world, many local areas are continuing to urge members to hold Sacrament meetings within the safety of their homes. As many members have been faithfully and diligently holding wonderful services with their loved ones, the recent months have been powerfully uplifting and edifying. With these things in mind, we here at LDS Bookstore want to help you have a Spirit-filled Sunday surrounded by your loved ones as you try to stay safe and healthy during these difficult times. Scroll through to see some of our ideas and even some products available online that can help.

At-Home Sacrament Meeting Program - Printable

Sometimes, you need to hold Church at home. This exclusive program sheet will help your family find joy in meeting together at home on Sundays. It features a small program to help you work together in your gospel study. 8.5 x 11 printout. This is a printable product. That means you will receive an email with a download link upon purchase. Once you have downloaded the file, you can print off as many copies as you need at home or your favorite printing location.

Hold a Testimony Meeting

One of the most wonderful ways to invite the Spirit into your home and Sunday is through sharing testimonies. Consider inviting members of your family, friends, or roommates to share their testimony and treasured beliefs. By listening with love and empathy, hearing someone's testimony gives us a glimpse into the wonderful spirit that resides within each of us.

The Book of Mormon Journal Edition - Red Floral

During these difficult times, our study of the Book of Mormon and all of the scriptures is incredibly important. Additionally, our deepened study can make us receptive to spiritual promptings and realizations that can be recorded for years to come in our Book of Mormon Journals.

Share Your Earliest Spiritual Experiences

Do you remember the first time you felt like your prayer had been answered? Or a time when in Sacrament Meeting you felt the distinct warm embrace of the Holy Ghost? Sometimes the memories of our earliest spiritual experiences are the ones that mean the most to us. Often times they are the ones that set us on the path to follow Christ, and are our own "sure foundation" as we continue to progress each day. Consider during your at-home service to record and reflect on these experiences.

Tri-Fold Priesthood Ordinance Card

This exclusive priesthood ordinance card is a great gift for any priesthood holder. This card lists guidelines for: blessing the bread and water, conferring and ordaining to the Aaronic and Melchizedek Priesthoods, naming and blessing children, baptizing, confirming, consecrating oil, anointing the sick, sealing the anointing and dedicating graves. This card folds to business card size making it easy to fit in your wallet or pocket.

This ordinance card is also available in Spanish.

Have Musical Numbers

Within the scriptures there are countless references to uplifting music being similar to prayers to our Father in Heaven. Invite those members of your family or household who are musically talented to play music that is most meaningful and spiritual to them. While having our services at home, the types of instruments and renditions of beautiful hymns we can play are almost endless. Allow this beautiful music to fill your home and invite the Spirit to your At-Home Sacrament Meeting.

Set Aside Time for Come, Follow Me Study and Spiritual Study

As we invite the Spirit into our at-home meetings, it's important to devote our time and energy to studying the words of the Lord through His chosen leaders. The Come, Follow Me program is wonderfully designed to ask us important and thought-provoking questions as we study. Additionally there are so many powerful books available on LDS Bookstore that can help with your personal study, with so many of them offering insights and lessons that can strengthen your testimony.

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