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Born to Change the World

Your Part in Gathering Israel

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    • Softcover
    • 85 pages
    • Size 5x7

    "The Lord is hastening His work to gather Israel," declared President Russell M. Nelson. "That gathering is the most important thing taking place on earth today." In this book you'll find answers to questions:

    • So I'm from Ephraim or Manesseh? So what?
    • What does it mean if I'm from another tribe?
    • What does it mean to gather Israel?

    As members of the Church, we are often told to obey commandments because we are children of God or because we have been saved for the last days. But isn't everyone on earth right now a child of God who has been saved? What sets Latter-day Saints apart?

    We have a birthright! We have been given much—temporally and spiritually. Now it is time for us to use what we have been given to make an eternal difference for people throughout the world—in other words, to gather Israel.

    "Don't let the world change you," writes Brad Wilcox, "when you were born to change the world!"