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In volume two, with mobs threatening to drive them from their homes, thousands of Latter-day Saints flee Nauvoo, their gathering place for the past seven years. Following Brigham Young and the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, they travel west across prairie and plain, trusting in God to prepare a home for them beyond the towering peaks of the Rocky Mountains.

Finding a new home is only the beginning of their story. In their quest to serve God and build Zion, the exiled Saints struggle against new obstacles and greater persecutions. Stalwart women and men work together to forge communities where the faithful can gather near temples established for the glory of God and the redemption of the living and the dead. At the same time, hundreds of missionaries journey to distant lands to invite others to come to Christ and help establish Zion.

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Unhallowed Ground

Love it! It tells church history in a way I understand. It's really good learning and entertainment.

Another Great Read

This book came yesterday just as I finished Reading volume 1and I just started reading it today. Like Saints, it's hard to put down once your start reading, I already read the 1st 5 Chapters just this morning. Like volume 1 its giving me a great education into Early Church History, not to mention Great Appreciation for all that they went through. I'm looking forward to volumes 3 & 4 already.

I live all of these books

The Saints - No Unhallowed hand

I haven't finished yet, love all that I have read so far.

Saints No Unhallowed Hand

I read the Saints books in my LDS app and loved them! My mom can’t on her phone so I bought her the books for Mother’s Day and she’s excited to read them too!

No unhallowed Hand

I have not gotten to read this yet, but I am sure it will be just as good as Volume 1.