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Saints Volume 2: No Unhallowed Hand (4.86/5 stars from 21 reviews)

In volume two, with mobs threatening to drive them from their homes, thousands of Latter-day Saints flee Nauvoo, their gathering place for the past seven years. Following Brigham Young and the...

I have just started the book and just like the first volume I can't put it down. I feel that I am apart of the story. The spirit is so strong I just want to keep reading even though I know the outcome.

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I live all of these books

Another Great Read

This book came yesterday just as I finished Reading volume 1and I just started reading it today. Like Saints, it's hard to put down once your start reading, I already read the 1st 5 Chapters just this morning. Like volume 1 its giving me a great education into Early Church History, not to mention Great Appreciation for all that they went through. I'm looking forward to volumes 3 & 4 already.

I had to buy a 2nd copy to share in a prison

I was so excited to hear about this series coming out, because I've been wanting to read a great book about our church history!

It is written in a format that is easy and welcoming to read, without sounding like a documentary. We get to know the backgrounds and feelings of people, so I feel like I know them.

I like how it tells of what is going on with different people, often in different parts of the world with much new missionary work in this volume, during the same time frame.

And I like the paperback edition because I was able to send a copy to my loved one in prison; so he can enjoy it plus learn from it well enough to teach/defend/correct others who hear or assume things about the roots and practices of the church. It will be a great reference book for me, plus I'll reread it again several times over the years.

No unhallowed Hand

I have not gotten to read this yet, but I am sure it will be just as good as Volume 1.


very interesting priced so all can enjoy

Saints Book II

Excellent - easy and enjoyable, and factual!

Saints - Volume 2

I am a student of Church history and there is so much content in this book that is new material. The book is well-written and engaging. My wife and I are reading the book aloud to each other each evening and it is inspirational!

Saints 2

I love it!!! I have been waiting for this to come out