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The powers of heaven are very real and can dramatically influence the course of events in a person’s life. In our relationship with Deity, the powers of heaven include any influence or power (inspiration, gift of the spirit, power of the priesthood, etc.) which is governed by God and operates in our behalf. A study of the scriptures reveals that the ways the powers of heaven can assist mortal men are virtually unlimited.

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The Holy Ghost as a "force multiplier" in your life

By Larry on 11/17/2019
I received my first copy of Drawing On the Powers of Heaven in 1979. It provides a simple methodology for using the Powers of Heaven (i.e., The Spirit) as a way to magnify my efforts in both good and difficult times. The method used is so straight forward I purchase copies of this book for my teenage grand children to help them learn how to use Heaven's power as a force multiplier to excel or, during difficult times, to cope with everyday life.