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Grace to Become

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    • Drawing from scriptural accounts, Emily Belle Freeman shares her understanding of how Jesus will help us become.
    • A great read for those who need divine grace to heal wounds and elevate their soul
    • Hardcover, 141 pages, 6" x 8"

    God's plan for each of His children includes progress, increase, and transformation. At the center of that plan is Jesus Christ, who offers enabling grace through His Atonement. This enabling strength includes saving grace, which helps us overcome, but also exalting grace, which helps us to become.

    In her signature meditative, soul-expanding style, Emily Belle Freeman explores how each of us can receive the power of Christ's exalting grace as she draws out connections and parallels in the story of Abraham and the covenants that lead us to eternal life. A companion to Grace Where You Are, this book will help you better understand the relationship between faith and works as you seek transformation in your own life. Discover how both our incremental progression and our ultimate exaltation are made possible through grace.