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There is such great power in the story of the woman who, after bearing the burden of ill health for twelve years, knew that only the slightest contact with the Son of God would cure her. We know from the scriptures that later, after word was spread abroad concerning this miracle, that as many as touched the Savior's robe were healed. In a figurative sense we can reach out in our moments of trial and pain and touch our Master, whose power to heal is as present today as it was when he walked among men. ~ Simon Dewey

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picture not the problem

The picture is lovely. the problem was that I order it for a specific date of use. Your site said it was in stock, and the 2 days later you sent me a notice that it wasn't. Finally you said you wee sending it and it took a week to get here, not the 2 to 3 days I had paid for in shipping and by that time the date had well passed. I am sure I can use it again but, being a bit more accurate on your stock would be helpful

Touch of Faith

I am so happy with this print. The mat is perfect. Love it.

I loved it because I have felt that way. When I was about to lose someone I loved very much, I thought. "If only I could touch the Prophet or if he would just look at me everything would be ok". I found there was no chance of that, I didn't give up hope, I just went to a Higher Power. So this print would mean a lot to me.

Touch Of Faith

Beautiful Picture. Brings much faith into my heart.
Love looking at it all day.