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Gospel Study Scripture Stickers (5.00/5 stars from 5 reviews)

Our gospel study stickers are perfect for scriptures, journals, and manuals. Transparent and sized for standard scriptures, they can be used to highlight, remember, emphasize, decorate, and more....

Awesome Scripture Sticker’s

Great variety and easy to use!

Obsessed !!!

My daughter loved her stickers and already started to used it in her favorite scriptures!!!💖

Scripture pictures to put in

Bought them for my granddaughter as she prepares for her mission.

So cute and helpful

I got these stickers for my 9yo, I need to find ways to make studying the scriptures something she looks forward to and well kids love stickers! These were a hit, I might even get them for myself and some friends too. I love that they have some reference on how to use them.

100% recommend, for you, as a baptism gift, for seminary students, for YW, for a friend, for a missionary, for anyone really

There are no accidents.

I am a full grown adult and haven't had stickers or touched stickers since elementary school. But THESE will make your quiet time FUN. I accidentally ordered 2 packets somehow. This means that I will have 1200 stickers. I lots of scriptures so these will last me awhile. That is okay, I am very into Ramen and I am a master at cooking dry beans because I am vegan. You can write on them and underneath them.