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Gospel Study Scripture Stickers

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Item #: LDP-GSS
Price: $14.99
    Ready to Ship: 1-3 Business Days
    • 630 beautifully designed transparent stickers
    • Perfect size for all scripture sets
    • Highlight, remember, emphasize, decorate, & more!
    • Includes folded card to keep stickers organized
    • A great gift for baptisms and other occasions
    • Pair with our gel highlighters for a great gift

    Our gospel study stickers are perfect for scriptures, journals, and manuals. Transparent and sized for standard scriptures, they can be used to highlight, remember, emphasize, decorate, and more. There are stickers to help you take notes, frames verses, mark certain themes, and learn to cherish your scriptures as you study. They feature a cute watercolor design that looks great without covering up the text of the verses too much. You'll also get a carrying card to help keep your stickers in one place as you use them. The card includes some ideas on how to use the scriptures on the back. 

    These gospel study scriptures make a great gift for baptism, primary and youth classes, and other special occasions. Pair them with our hand-bound scriptures and gel highlighters to complete a gift set.