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Visions of Glory (4.15/5 stars from 20 reviews)

In this true account of near-death experiences, we learn about the miracles of the millennium, the return of the Ten Tribes, the building of the New Jerusalem and temple, and many other astonishing...

Visions of Glory

it is a good book but a bit difficult to follow at times as the author changes from one place to another such a lot, needs to be read through a few times i think, to be better understood, also as the author is American and has American way of saying things, its a bit difficult to understand for me, being as im English!

Dangerous Subject Matter

There are plenty of modern prophets who teach that sharing sacred details with ANYONE other than intimate family is wrong.

This writing is similar to that of Chad Daybell, Julie Rowe, Roger K. Young, etc; it’s a textbook definition of priestcraft.

Hope and Renewal

This book was recommended to me at a time when I was feeling spiritually stagnant. I found great hope and renewal in these beautiful visions, the images of which are ingrained in my mind. As you're reading it it's very immersive and feels very literal. But once finished you realize the beautiful symbolism and that it doesn't matter what is literal and what is not. The point is the messages Heavenly Father shared with Spencer about the last days. I now have much more peace about my own journey (and my family) in these trying times. I'm so grateful my friends recommended this book to me!

I am a second witness to the first chapters in this book.

About 5 months before I was introduced to this book, I had a short dream/premonition. I was standing on the East bench of the Salt Lake valley. (the one I grew up in.) to the west there was no lake. I looked to the South. there was the lake. That is all. I woke up. When my friend loaned the book to me I was astounded at the first chapters. Like unto sister Tuttle, I never finished the last half of the book, because I felt it seemed so personal to the man himself. But I feel I am a second witness to the happenings in the beginning of this book.

I love this book!

Ever since I read this book, I have had so much less fear of the future and the return of Christ. I will never understand why so many have so much against this book. It does NOT go against teachings of the church. It helped me build and solidify my testimony even further. It is absolutely solid in doctrine and scripture. I even got so upset about bad reviews on it, that I made a FB page rebutting a main bad review people were quoting. Make sure you read the forward before starting. Pray that you will be able to discern if there is truth in it or not. Don't listen to others, go by your own direction from the spirit. I felt the spirit testifying of the truth many times while reading this book. I cried through the parts about Christ, it is a truly wonderful book.

Incredibly inspiring

I could not put this book down. I found it incredibly inspiring and motivating both to live faithfully and be prepared as the prophets have instructed us. Have shared this with our entire family and as many friends as have ears to hear.

Very detailed and impressive

I thought it very much coincided with many other revelations concerning the last days and made clear a few others. Not to be taken as scripture but went along with some of my own thoughts and impressions.

Vision of Glory

Iam sorry but iam a slow reader, but so far that I read it is very spiritual and I think it great, this book is going to take some studying and deep thinking.

Thanks for the offer of points, but I haven’t earn them yet. Jean Fly

Visions of Glory

I love this book - has given me so much insight and hope of a glorious future beyond what we can imagine

Visions of Glory

I am in the process of reading this amazing book. There are so many beautiful, provoking thoughts that have come from this book. I am now beginning to see the worth of myself and those around me. I feel as though this book was inspired to come to me at this time so I could learn and understand what Love is and many other things. Heavenly Father loves and cares for each one of us individually. He knows our mind and our hearts. He wants for all of us to fulfill our true potential and return to him. I can't wait to finish reading this extraordinary book! I would recommend this book to anyone who needs to feel the Savior's love and wants greater understanding of his/her purpose on the earth, or if you're just curious and need a new book to read.