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Adjustable CTR Ring (4.53/5 stars from 34 reviews)

The timeless classic. These are the standard Primary issue rings that have been around for nearly 4 decades. They're adjustable, and they turn your finger green!

I love this product.

CTR rings

I got this for my primary class. They wear them every week.

Perfect gift for any child! It's my baptism go to gift.

Great for primary!

These rings are the best for little children. They can adjust to their finger.

Love how it adjusts to ones finger measurement.


This is a very appropriate ring for CTR primary aged children. Inexpensive but effective in giving them a message that is imprinted on the ring. The price is affordable for a ring that inevitably the child is going to lose.

Basic but work

They are a little cheaply made but work great for the kids in my primary class.

CTR Adjustable Rings

Price was right. Ordered 20 to send to my missionary to give out.

Can't verify how they will wear after a few years of constant wear, but I have heard that the 'silver/chrome' will start to wear off .One size fits all.

Shipping was SSSLLLLOOOOWWWW. One state away and took 8 days.

Because of this slow shipping, I'll take my business elsewhere next time.