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The timeless classic. These are the standard Primary issue rings that have been around for nearly 4 decades. They're adjustable, and they turn your finger green!

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CTR ring

By BKP on 1/9/2021
Perfect for my 6 year old son.

CTR ring

By G.B. on 11/6/2020
I ordered this ring with some spare cash I had, spur of the moment type thing. Got it in less time than I had expected and it was of great quality. The only thing is you cannot where this while lifting heavy objects or you run the risk of it clamping down on your finger. I had it constrict my pinky at one point and had a rough time trying to remove it. I now just attach it to my dog tags at the beginning of the day whenever I know I am supposed to be lifting (You're not supposed to do that but I won't say anything if you don't).

great reminder to choose tha right

By james marcin on 7/11/2020
what does "SoZ" mean? "SoZ" is engraved on the back of my bronze colored ring.

CTR Ring

By marlene on 12/2/2019
Loved it

CTR Ring

By Pat B. on 11/30/2019
The lettering is crisp and clear. It fit perfectly on my pinky finger and is very comfortable, with no rough edges.

CTR rings

By CRYSTAL on 6/22/2019
I ordered CTR rings but I got I am a CHILD of God rings
I gave them to the children and it turned out ok