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The Second Coming of the Lord (5.00/5 stars from 4 reviews)

Do we recognize the signs of the Savior’s Second Coming that are happening today? Originally published in 1971, The Coming of the Lord, by Gerald N. Lund, became an instant bestseller and has...

The second coming of the Lord

Fantastic insight into events will happen in our day and written for our day

The Second Coming of the Lord

Gerald Lund is a wonderful author and really does a good job with his research. great book

The Second Coming of the Lord

This is the third copy of this book I have ordered: one for me and two for birthday gifts for two of my children. It's a must read for those who are troubled by the current state of our society and government to help us recognize that these are the times of chaos and wickedness prophesied to come before the Second Coming of Christ. The many prophecies given as warning prepare us for these difficult times so that we do not give in to fear but look forward to the time when it will end.

The Second Coming of the Lord

I hate to put it down! A real page turner! Gets it all organized in your mind for you...One I will read and reread. Thank you, Elder Lund , for all the effort you put into this marvelous work!