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The 25 Days of Christmas Booklet

Daily Devotionals & Activities for a Christ-Centered Christmas

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    • Discover the true spirit of Christmas with 25 days of devotionals and activities
    • Helps families and friends start holy traditions everyone will love
    • Great for families, church groups, and personal study
    • Includes access to free printable kit with associated resources
    • Measures 5.5" x 8.5"

    Do you struggle to sing joy to the world? Is it hard to keep the Savior at the center of your celebrations? Discover the true spirit of Christmas with 25 days of devotionals and activities. We'll guide you through inspiring gospel truths as you turn your hearts toward Christ and light the world. 

    This booklet was designed to help you focus on what matters most this Christmas season. Throughout its pages, you'll find beloved scriptures and quotes, inspiring devotionals, and fun activities to lead you closer to Jesus Christ. We've tried to make this booklet suitable for families, church groups, and those who wish to study on their own. 

    Each day begins with a short scripture and devotional to read together, based on a specific Christmas theme. Many of the devotionals include questions to ponder on. Discuss these questions as a family or answer them personally in a study journal. At the bottom of each pages is an additional resource that you can study to dig deeper into each day's theme.

    Build new family traditions and have fun together as you complete our daily activities. We suggest reading all of the pages before December begins to get an idea of what you'll need each day. You also get access to a digital resource packet that includes all of the instructions and printables you'll need for certain activities.

    Ultimately, we want this booklet to be something that inspires and helps you. Let these words be a starting point to your own Christmas revelations!