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The Divine Gift of Forgiveness

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    • Discover the divine gift and power of repentance
    • Written by Elder Neil L. Andersen of the Twelve
    • Choose the section or chapter that applies to your journey
    • Paperback, 292 pages

    "As surely as the sun will rise tomorrow," Elder Neil L. Andersen promises, "the Savior's divine gifts of repentance and of forgiveness, offered in the beauty of His encompassing love, are certain for those who come unto Him with full purpose of heart."

    In this book, Elder Andersen writes especially to those who are "awakening" unto God—those who are just beginning to discover or who seek the divine gifts and power of repentance and forgiveness in their lives. The Divine Gift of Forgiveness is organized in such a way that readers can choose the section or chapter that applies most to them and study it without having to have read from cover to cover. Leaders can similarly recommend specific chapters to those with whom they work. Filled with powerful doctrine along with stories and experiences, this book will help all readers become more devoted disciples of the Savior.