Everything You Need For Church At Home

With the Church suspending all regular church meetings amidst the spread of the COVID-19 throughout the world, we have compiled a list of all the things you may need to in order to have a wonderful and inspired experience having "Church" at home. Scroll through to see each suggestion and why it's important. 

Tri-Fold Priesthood Ordinance Card

Our Tri-Fold Ordinance card includes all the wording and instructions for all priesthood ordinances. If you've been authorized to perform the sacrament in your home or to others in need, this pocket card will help you perform the ordinance in an easy way. It folds to fit easily into any pocket or wallet. 

At-Home Sacrament Meeting Program-Printable

We recently created our printable program to help organize your Sundays and invite the Spirit into your home. This printable is FREE and a great resource for you and your loved ones.

Scripture Stories Coloring Book: Book of Mormon

Help teach your children about the important stories of the Book of Mormon with this beautiful coloring book. With so many pages of activities, there are hours of fun within this tiny booklet.

Come, Follow Me 2020 Bookmark

Our beautifully designed Come. Follow Me bookmark will help maximize your scripture study, and is a great resource for remembering the week's topic at a glance.

The Life of Jesus Christ Bible Videos DVD

The Life of Jesus Christ Bible Videos are beautiful made, and powerful in the stories and life they represent. Invite the Spirit into your home with each video, and give yourself a beautiful Sunday evening with this DVD collection.

Book of Mormon Reading Chart Poster-Modern

With so many ways to track your progress, our Book of Mormon reading chart poster is fun for the whole family!

Book of Mormon Journal Edition-Pink Floral

With its expanded margins, you can fill in your thoughts are your impressions as you study the words of the Book of Mormon. This journal is a beautiful gift for yourself or your loved ones.

My Book of Mormon Quiet Book

Our Book of Mormon quiet book is fun for the whole family, and can help teach your little children the stories from the Book of Mormon.

Book of Mormon 2020 Come Follow Me: For Individuals and Families

Help maximize your Sunday study with a booklet version of Come, Follow Me. Each page is filled with ways to deepen your study of the Book of Mormon this year, and asks thought-provoking questions that are certain to strengthen your testimony.

The Book of Mormon Dry Erase Activity Cards

Dry erase cards are a wonderful way to learn the stories of the Book of Mormon in a fun, interactive way. Help your children understand the meaning of these stories with this fun activity packet.

Plan of Salvation Teaching Kit

Beautifully crafted and engraved, this Plant of Salvation Teaching Kit is the perfect teaching tool for your Sundays at home.

Daily Inspirations Perpetual Desk Calendar

Our Daily Inspirations calendar is a wonderful way to start your day with words of from scriptures, quotes, and Church history.

Saints Vol. 1 and Saints Vol. 2

Saints is the widely acclaimed book series that relays the history of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. With so many harrowing stories of faith, perseverance, and kindness, the current two volumes will inspire your personal study.

The Book of Mormon Children's Journal Edition

Give your child this wonderful journal, with widened margins, where they can record their thoughts and impressions as they study the Book of Mormon. This journal will become a timeless keepsake for them to look back on in the future and remember the roots of their testimony.

Book of Mormon Heroes Lacing Cards

Our lacing cards are the perfect Sunday activity for your children while you study the heroes and inspiring characters of the Book of Mormon.

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