10 New Products to Help Your Study of the Fist Vision

With General Conference now only a week away from this Saturday, many of Latter-day Saints are continuing to follow President Nelson's invitation to #HearHim and prepare for this historic General Conference by studying the Prophet Joseph Smith's life and the events of the Restoration. To help with your personal study, we compiled a list of many of our great products that are certain to lift and inspire your study.

Gospel Restoration Bookmark

The newest item in our line of products is our Restoration Bookmark. This beautifully designed bookmark is the perfect item for your study, with the words of the First Vision printed on the front, and a timeline of the events of the Restoration on the back. Don't miss out on this great item that is certain to elevate your personal study.

Lectures on Faith in Religion by Joseph Smith

Prepared under the direction of the Prophet Joseph Smith, these seven lectures on faith helped early Church leaders and missionaries incorporate the most fundamental principle of the Gospel with greater understanding than ever before.

The Witness of Women

Latter-day Saint women actively participated in the Restoration, and their voices and testimonies need to be included in Church history. The Witness of Women helps accomplish that. Teachers, parents, gospel scholars, and every member seeking a connection with the women of our past will relish discovering the vital role that women played in the Restoration.

Joseph Smith the Prophet (Audio CD)

Joseph Smith — Who was he? What was he like? How did he accomplish so much in so little time? In this enlightening eight-lecture series, Dr. Truman G. Madsen presents a fascinating history of the first prophet of the Restoration. He offers deep insights into the life of this great man, adding his own witness of Joseph Smith's calling.

Joseph Smith's First Prayer Board Book

One small prayer can change everything. Joseph Smith had a question, he turned to God for an answer. This delightful board book tells the story of the First Vision in a simple way that even young children will understand. Teach your children that Heavenly Father is only a prayer away.

10" First Vision Statue

Now on sale, this beautifully crafted statue of Joseph Smith captures the feeling of sacredness within the Sacred Grove when Joseph saw the Father and the Son. With its inspiring design and stunning appearance, this statue will make a wonderful addition to your home decor.

First Vision Framed

Jorge Cocco Santangelo's beautiful interpretation of the First Vision is inspiring in its use of color and warmth. In this painting, the Prophet Jospeh Smith sees the Father and the Son with his own eyes, as they relayed their unified message of Joseph's calling to restore Christ's Gospel on the Earth again.

Carthage (DVD)

While seething mobs converged around them, the Prophet Joseph and his brethren quietly submitted themselves to imprisonment in Carthage Jail. Now, as never before, audiences are invited to witness the events of the days preceding the martyrdom. Based on documents handed down through the generations, Carthage offers a glimpse into the turmoil and testimony of the men whose place in history was forever defined by what was to come—a jailer seeking to protect his charges, a governor caught between the persecuted and their persecutors, and a group of Saints whose faith and brotherhood stands as the ultimate witness of the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Emma Smith: My Story (DVD)

Her legacy is forever linked to that of her husband's, the Prophet Joseph Smith. But who really was Emma Hale Smith? Many years after the death of Joseph, Emma recounts to her daughter her experiences relating to the birth of Mormonism and her everyday life with Joseph.

By The Gift and Power of God Bookmark

This beautiful bookmark features Simon Dewy's painting of the Prophet Joseph Smith translating the Book of Mormon, accompanied with Moroni's invitation to ponder and receive our own answer of the Book of Mormon's truthfulness. This wonderful bookmark is a must have for your personal study. Concerning the painting, Simon Dewey said,

"I painted this image for a Church competition on the Book of Mormon. In the visitor’s section of the stake center where I grew up in London, there was a glass cabinet with some articles of Church history, one of which was a replica set of gold plates made in heavy brass with authentic engravings. These impressed me enormously while growing up; I went to the stake president and asked him what my chances were of getting hold of them. He agreed and it was a wonderful moment for me to heft the plates, they being so realistic, and put myself for a moment in Joseph’s shoes and the incredible responsibility which he born to translate the plates. As I was looking for a good model for Joseph Smith, a brand new missionary was assigned to our ward who was a direct descendant of Edward Partridge, the first bishop of the Church. He was about the same height at Joseph Smith and fit the bill perfectly."

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