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Eve and Adam

Discovering the Beautiful Balance

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    • Offers fresh insight into the plan of happiness
    • Examines truths about Eve to better understand the mission of our first parents and why we need to honor them
    • Provides meaning, encouragement, and direction 
    • Hardcover, 224 pages, 6x9

    As the first who chose to cross the threshold into mortality, Eve, as her Hebrew name implies, is truly the personification of Life. Together with Adam, Eve ushered in mortality and the chance for eternal progress. Her experiences cannot be separated from Adam's, but to understand their mission, we must first restore Eve to her proper, elevated place—a noble position beside Adam. Examining truths about Eve allows us to better understand Eve and Adam's mission and their beautiful, balanced interdependence. Understanding their mission provides meaning, encouragement, and direction for each of us along our complex and sometimes thorny paths home.

    Eve and Adam offers a fresh and insightful perspective into the perfect plan of happiness. With clarity and careful thought, it presents a solid case for the necessity of a firm understanding of the honor due to our glorious Mother Eve as well as Father Adam. Simultaneously, Eve and Adam provides an opportunity for deep pondering and reflection on how our mortal experiences, coupled with our Savior's support, can facilitate the progress and learning needed to exalt each of us day by day, one step at a time. Eve's and Adam's story, then, deeply matters to ours.