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Susan Evans McCloud is a prolific and versatile writer, with over fifty published books that range from historical fiction to mystery, nonfiction, and children’s literature. She writes her own column for Deseret News and has created many programs and songs for the Church’s Young Women, seminary, genealogy, and other programs. She is poetic yet precise in her writing and research and offers outstanding examples of literature at its best. She is also the author of two of our most beloved hymns, “Lord, I Would Follow Thee” and “As Zion’s Youth.”

This is a biographical book on The Prophet Joseph Smith, with intentional insight into his family and background, his struggles and theirs, and the way in which is experienced and developed a relationship with God and the Savior. It also stresses and illuminates his Christ-like nature, his love, gentleness, compassion and forgiveness of all men, and the way in which all men, women, and children were drawn to him--because of his purity and goodness.

IF A MAN IS MEASURED BY THE GOOD he does during his lifetime for the benefit of others, then what are we to think of a man whose influence and dedication continue to bless people two hundred years after his birth?

The Prophet Joseph Smith stands alone as a noble and worthy representative of our Father in Heaven and his son, Jesus Christ. Foreordained to the great calling of restoring the gospel of Jesus Christ in these latter days, Joseph magnified his commission with all the ascendancy and love of his eternal spirit and sealed it with his blood.

Understand Joseph Smith as you’ve never understood him before. Joseph Smith, the Journey of a Prophet is an inspired reflection on the life, ministry, and contributions of a remarkable man. Lovingly and tenderly written by popular author Susan Evans McCloud, this insightful biography will leave you with a renewed appreciation for the blessings restored to the earth through Joseph’s selfless service for the benefit of all mankind.