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Bottom Right Center

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Boulevard Bree Serif Cartoonist
Edmundsbury Montserrat Pacifico

Boulevard Bree Serif Cartoonist
Edmundsbury Montserrat Pacifico

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UPC / ISBN: 852667627478

Product Description

Celebrate a mission with our personalized missionary scriptures. Featuring multiple options, you can create a one-of-a-kind keepsake you or your missionary will cherish forever.

Our standard design features your mission state or country outline and one line of text in the bottom right corner of your scriptures.

Keeping adding special lines of text, place the design in the center, and more.

This quadruple combination includes the 2013 edition of the LDS King James Version Bible, Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, and the Pearl of Great Price bound in one book. It contains cross-references to all the standard works, the Topical Guide, the Bible Dictionary, an index to the triple combination, two sections of maps and pictures, and footnote references to the Joseph Smith Translation.

This quadruple combination is made with a simulated leather cover (reconstituted leather fibers), lightweight acid-free paper, gilded page edges and ribbon markers.

Size is approximately 5¼″ x 7¼.

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Product Reviews

Overall Customer Rating of 7 Reviews:


By Kaleo Pearl on 12/15/2020
I love my Missionary scriptures. All the personal things and the addition were beautiful. My Mom, and my Grama both love them as much as I do!


By Tabatha on 10/18/2020
Paid for faster shipment and got 3 weeks after we should have. The quad is great except the inscription is not outlined so you can hardly see it. I expected it to be outlined in gold or white.

Missionary Quad

By Bud on 12/3/2019
I was thrilled to get this for my step son - he is going on a Mission on January 29th to Columbia, South Carolina.


By JFro on 9/30/2019

I ordered a personalized quad for my daughter to take on her mission. It asked for her mission name so they know what outline to use. I gave it, not realizing I spelled it wrong. The wrong spelling ended up being put on the scriptures. I know this is TOTALLY my fault, just wondering if there shouldn’t be some extra step in place to confirm spelling when they realize the spelling I provided didn’t match the spelling in their data bank?? Just a suggestion. I hate that I just flushed 80 bucks down the toilet. 🤦🏻???

Response: Definitely a good suggestion, Jill. We do often catch misspelled words in English. It is however, difficult for us to catch things that are spelled incorrectly in foreign languages, as yours was. We would be happy to give you a discount on a replacement set. We appreciate your business!


By Sheldon on 6/20/2019
I love being reminded of how I studied the scriptures on the mission every time I look at my scriptures. It's pretty sweet to have the logo right there on the front. They did a great job with this!

By Skyler on 10/29/2018
Great quality! I get complimented on how good it looks all the time