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Plan of Salvation Teaching Kit

Price: $24.99
    You Save: $5.00 (16.7%)
    Ready to Ship: 1-3 Business Days
    • Includes 14 durable wood pieces
    • Teach the entire Plan of Salvation
    • Comes with metal carrying box
    • Perfect for missionaries

    For years, Latter-day Saint missionaries have created small symbols with paper and tape to help teach the Plan of Salvation. Upgrade to our exclusive Plan of Salvation Teaching Kit. Made of wood and expertly engraved, this kit is durable, fun, and easy to use. 

    Each kit includes a metal carrying box and the following pieces: 

    • Pre-Mortal Life
    • Birth/Veil
    • Earth Life
    • Death
    • Spirit World
    • Resurrection
    • Final Judgement
    • Telestial Kingdom
    • Terrestrial Kingdom
    • Celestial Kingdom
    • 2 Body Figures (Male & Female)
    • 2 Spirit Figures (Male and Female)