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Color Scriptures Frequently Asked Questions

Our small, family-owned team at is proud to offer genuine lambskin leather, and leatherette LDS scriptures in a variety of stunning colors. We know how important scriptures are to you and your loved ones. It's our goal to help you feel confident when you purchase one of our beautiful sets. We've compiled this list of frequently asked questions to better help you understand our binding process, our awesome options for personalization, and other policies you should know. Click on any question to expand it and read the answer!

General Questions

How do you make my scriptures?

Our process begins with a brand new set of scriptures. We carefully remove the existing cover and replace it with a hand-crafted new lambskin cover in the color of your choice. During the process, we add the ribbons you've selected and complete all embossing. Keep reading this list to see all questions about ribbons and embossing.

How long does it take to receive my scriptures?

Our team works hard to create beautifully-crafted scriptures in a reasonable time frame. Our average time to receive your order, create your scriptures, and ship them out is 2-3 weeks. However, our production time varies based on supply availability and order volume. We update our production time weekly on each individual product page. It's important to note that this production time does not including shipping time, which will be determined by the shipping method you select.

Why are these scriptures so expensive?

Our scriptures are made by hand using the highest-quality materials. It is a meticulous process that requires a great deal of skill and time. We are confident that our prices match the quality of work and love we put into each set of scriptures.

Do you offer any discounts or coupons?

We sure do! We send out weekly coupons and surprise discounts through both emails and texts. Sign up for our email newsletter here and text MORONI to (866) 434-0912 to get your first coupon. 

What are the exact dimensions of regular, large & extra large books?

We are pleased to offer our hand-band scriptures in a variety of sizes.

- Regular Scriptures: Size is approximately 5¼ x 7¼. 
- Large Scriptures: Size is approximately 6½ x 9½.
- Extra Large Scriptures (coming soon!): Size is approximately 8 1/2" x 11?.

Does large book size mean large print?

Yes! The larger editions of the scriptures include larger text. Take a look at the comparison image below to better understand the difference in font size.

What edition of the scriptures do you use?

We use the latest edition available — the 2013 edition as published by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Your scriptures will include all the footnotes, indexs, and resources you're used to!

Do you offer scriptures in other languages?

We currently offer color scriptures in English and Spanish.

I have questions about the margins.

Margin widths are standard on all scripture sets. It is common for newly-bound scriptures to be tight near the spine, causing the interior margins to feel uneven. However, your pages will relax over time, exposing more of the margin. Open your scriptures every 100 pages or so and gently rub your finger down the middle of the pages to help relax the spine.

Can I pick up my scriptures instead of shipping them?

We have a pick-up location in Orem, Utah. Choose local pick-up during the checkout process and you'll receive a confirmation email that your order has been placed. When your order is ready, you will receive a second email with all the pick-up details. You can pick-up orders at 39 N 1330 W in Orem on weedays between 9-4.

Is that your billboard on I-15?

If you drive north-bound on I-15 between Provo and Orem, Utah, you'll see our billboard where we keep tally of scripture sets sold in a year.

Leather Questions

Are the colors on the website accurate?

We sure try! Each set of hand-bound scriptures has multiple picture examples to help showcase the leather in different lighting. Because our covers are made from lambskin leather, some slight variations in color, texture, and grain is normal. We strongly recommend purchasing one of our leather sample sheets if you are unsure of the leather color you want.

What type of leather do you use?

Our hand-bound scriptures are made from high-quality lambskin leather for superior texture and feel. One customer said "The leather is so soft!"

Do you offer vegan leather?

We do not offer vegan or simulated leather options at this time for our colored scriptures. Check out our personalized simulated leather scriptures here. You can add symbols and personalization.

Is your leather sturdy? Will it last?

Our leather is durable and should last for years to come. If you anticipate high-risk of dirt or damage, we suggest adding our waterproof coating as an extra measure of protection. Taking proper care of your scriptures is also an important step. Each set of scriptures includes a care sheet to help you treat your scriptures well so they last.

Can I order leather samples?

Yes! Our leather sample sheet includes real swatches of all our leather, information about embossing fonts, and even a special coupon. It is available here.

There appears to be an irregularity on my leather. Is this normal?

Our scripture covers are made from genuine lambskin leather. It is completely normal for there to be slight variations in color, grain, and texture. All of our leather is inspected by hand for quality assurance.

What if I don't like my leather color?

Our team strives to provide you with all the information you need on choosing a leather color, including our leather sample sheet. If you do not like the color of your scriptures and want to send them back to be re-bound in a different color, you will be charged a $50 re-binding fee. You can view our return and re-binding policies on this list below.

Can I come in and see leather samples in person?

We do not offer services to come in and see our leather and ribbon samples at our local offices. We are not able to show completed scriptures. You can purchase our leather sample sheet here to see all of our beautiful leather colors and embossing options.

Can I request a custom leather color?

We do not offer custom leather colors at this time. If there's a color you'd love to see in our collection, we'd love to know! We are always looking for new colors our customers will love.

Can you do multiple colors of leather on one book?

No, we are not able to use multiple pieces of leather to create a single book cover at this time.

Embossing Questions

Can you emboss in silver?

We only offer gold embossing at this time. We hope to offer silver embossing in the future.

Can you emboss special characters?

We can emboss letters, numbers, and hyphens. We are not able to do the following symbols: colon, dash, semicolon, foreign accent marks (such as a tilde).

Is there a character limit?

We currently have a max character limit of 25 characters on name embossing. The character limit may vary depending on letters and font selection. If you have a special circumstance or request, please contact us.

Can you emboss symbols on the spine or cover of the book?

Add the beautiful symbol of the Christus on the spines of our quadruple combination scriptures. We do not currently offer symbol embossing for the covers of books.

Where will the embossing be placed?

All personalized name embossing is added to the bottom right of the cover.

What embossing fonts do you offer?

We offer four embossing font options: Goudy Cursive, News Gothic, Americana, and Casual.

Gilding Questions

What is gilding?

Gilding refers to the super-thin metallic material placed on the edge of pages.

Can you change the gilding on my scriptures?

The Church only offers scriptures with gold gilding. We are not able to change the gilding to silver at this time. See our re-binding section for information on re-gilding pages on worn scriptures.

Ribbon Questions

What color ribbons do you offer? What do they look like?

We currently offer 12 beautiful ribbon colors to be added as bookmarks to your hand-bound scriptures. Each ribbon is made from high-quality satin and are a 1/4 inch wide.

What color ribbon looks best with my leather choice?

Ribbon and leather choicse are completely personal preference! We've had customers come up with every combination under the sun and they've all looked great. The most classic combination is to match the color ribbon to the color leather you select, such as our light pink ribbon with our light pink leather. White is our second most popular option. We've added photos on all of our products to show you how each ribbon looks with the leather.

How long are the ribbons?

Our regular ribbons are approximately 26 cm long, with 7.5 cm extending past the book. Ribbons on large scriptures are approximately 30 cm, with 6.5 cm extending.

How many ribbons do people normally get?

The number of ribbons is up to you! You can even select no ribbon bookmarks at all. Each scripture type comes with "included ribbons" and "optional ribbons." For example, the standard quad comes with 2 ribbons included and 4 optional ribbons, for up to 6 ribbons. We suggest getting all included ribbons on each set as a minimum.

Can I order ribbon samples?

Yes! You can purchase ribbon samples alongside our leather sample sheet.

Will the ribbons fray?

Our ribbons have been designed not to fray. However, handling may decrease the lifestpan of your ribbons. Try not to play with or pull your ribbons consistently. This will also add oils, grime, and dirt to your ribbons.

Can I add or remove ribbons after I have received my scriptures?

We do not offer complimentary changes to scripture sets upon completion. If you would like to request changes, you will be subject to a $50 re-binding fee. Please contact our customer service team for your specific request. If we have made a mistake, we would be happy to fix your scripture ribbons free of charge.

Re-Binding Questions - General

How long does it take to re-bind my scriptures?

Production time varies based on work volume and the amount of damage to your scriptures. Most scriptures are able to be rebound within two weeks. This does not include shipping time.

How do I send in my scriptures to be re-bound?

First, click here to visit our send-in-your-own scripture purchasing page. Fill out the page and complete your purchase. Then use these instructions to package and ship your scriptures to us.

How do you re-bind my scriptures?

The process is slightly different for each set of scriptures. We remove the damaged cover and stabilize and correct the spine. We do our best to make your pages straight and flat. We then add new ribbons and a never cover. Any embossing is then added.

What types of books can you re-bind?

Currently, we are able to re-bind the following types of scriptures:

- Regular Quads, Triples, and Bibles

- Large Quads, Triples, and Bibles

We are unable to re-bind scriptures in other languages, compact quads, extra-large scriptures, journal editions of scriptures, or other books.

Can you re-bind my quad scriptures into a triple and bible or vice versa?

No. Make sure to follow us on social media and join our e-mail list should we be able to offer it in the future.

My scriptures are really damaged. Can they be re-bound?

If you have any concerns about the level of damage your scriptures have sustained or our ability to fix them, please take pictures of your scriptures and send them in an email to

Can you re-attach my original cover to my scriptures?

No, we do not repair and re-attach original covers at this time.

Re-Binding Questions - Pages

Can you replace pages?

We cannot replace missing pages that you do not have to send in. If pages are falling out, we do our best to re-bind them securely back into your book block.

Can you add new pages?

Not at this time. We hope to offer new note pages in scriptures in the future.

Can you fix ripped pages?

Not at this time.

Can you flatten bent pages?

We do our best to flatten any bent pages on your scriptures. The crease will remain, but you should see some improvement in the way the page lies flat.

What if pages are falling out?

We do all we can to secure any loose pages on your scriptures. If pages have fallen out and they are provided to us, we will re-attach them to your book block.

Can you replace missing tabs?


Can you fix problems with index tabs?


Care Questions

How do I clean my scriptures?

You don't need to do much to care for your new scriptures. Do not use harsh chemicals or cleaners on you scriptures. If necessary, a dry or slighlty damp cloth can be used on the cover. If you anticipate exposing your scriptures to lots of mess, upgrade the cover with our protective coating spray.

How do I take care of my scriptures?

Carry your scriptures in a protective case to keep out the elements and prevent accidents. Keep your scriptures out of direct heat and sunlight. Both dry out the natural moisture in your leather, which keeps it soft. Avoid storing your scriptures upright on a shelf. If you do, support your scriptures strongly on each side. In a case, always put your scriptures in spine-side down.

How do I relax the spine of my scriptures?

Protect the spine by opening your scriptures on a flat surface. Gently rub your finger along the inner edge of the open pages. Do this every 50-100 pages.

Return & Refund Questions

You made a mistake in creating my scriptures. What happens next?

If any errors were made on our end in the production of your scriptures, such as embossing a name incorrectly when it was entered correctly, we will be happy to fix your scriptures free of charge. All errors must be reported within 48 hours of receiving your scriptures.

I just don't like my scriptures/I made a mistake in what I selected. Can I return them?

If you don't like your scriptures and would like us to make changes, we will do them within 60 days for a $50 re-binding fee. After 60 days, the re-binding fee is $150. If you believe your scriptures have errors or quality problems, our binding team will review them. If your scriptures meet our quality standards, you will be subject to re-binding fees. Please purchase a leather sample sheet if you have any hesitations about which leather color to pick.

What if I just want a refund?

You can return your scriptures within 60 days for a refund minus a 15% restocking fee.

Leatherette Scriptures

What's the difference between your hand-bound scriptures and your leatherette scriptures?

Check out the helpful chart below to learn how our leatherette scriptures are different from our hand-bound scriptures.

Pattern Scriptures

What are your pattern scriptures made from?

Our pattern scriptures are made from the same luxurious sheepskin leather as our original color scriptures. Each pattern is printed by hand through a special printing process that uses ink made for leather.

Do you offer Christus embossing on pattern scriptures?

We do not currently offer our Christus spine embossing on our pattern scriptures. We want to ensure a high-level of quality when it comes to each design and we found in testing the size and thickness of the Christus embossing did not meet our standards when paired with our patterns.

How will my name embossing look?

We have done our best to design patterns that won't overwhelm the engraving, but names won't stand out as much on busier patterns. Our team is currently working to take photos of embossing on all of our patterns. When these are completed they will be available on each individual product page.

Why do pattern scriptures cost more?

Pattern scriptures require additional production time, material, and labor than our other scriptures.

When will Bible, Triple, or Large scriptures be launched?

We hope to launch our pattern scriptures in other sets by the end of 2023 and into the beginning of 2024.

Can you rebind my old scriptures with a pattern?

Yes! We can currently rebind standard quads with any of our patterns.

Do pattern scriptures take longer to arrive?

All production times are based on order value and material availability. Check each individual product to see the current production time for the scriptures you'd like to order.

Can I submit a pattern?

Because patterns need to go through multiple rounds of testing, we are not able to print patterns submitted by customers. However, we hope to partner with illustrators and artists to do future collaborations. If this is something you're interested in, give our customer service team a call!