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Sing a Song Volume 2

Activity and Idea Book

Item #: FFG-SAS-VOL2
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    • Volume 2 of Sing a Song
    • Created and Illustrated by Karen Finch
    • Songs Included are Sunny Singers, Musical Missionaries, & Bee-Utiful Singing
    • Explore the Wonders of Music with your Children

    Sing A Song Activity and Idea Book Volume 2 is designed to help Primary Music Leaders, families, and Primary teachers and leaders to present and teach Primary Songs in a fun and interactive way. These creative song activities are great attention keepers!

    Sing A Song Activity and Idea Book Volume 2 has 14 song visuals, ideas, and activities to help teach music to primary age children. They can be used to help teach the recommended songs for the Primary Sacrament Meeting Presentation as well as any song in the Children's Songbook. The ideas are clearly outlined and are easy to assemble and use. 

    • Get Hooked On Singing
    • The Musical Member-Ship
    • Musical Missionaries
    • Singing Leaves
    • Sing With Samuel
    • Super Singers
    • Bee-Utiful Singing
    • Powerful Pioneers
    • Tic-Tac-Tote . . . Sing A Note
    • Singing With My Tulips
    • Sunny Singers
    • Super Scripture Singers
    • Song Choosing Visuals

    "The veil is very thin in the temples, especially when we join in worshipping through music. At temple dedications I have seen more tears of joy elicited by music than by the spoken word. I have read accounts of angelic choirs joining in these hymns of praise, and I think I have experienced this on several occasions. In dedicatory sessions featuring beautiful and well-trained choirs of about thirty voices, there are times when I have heard what seemed to be ten times thirty voices praising God with a quality and intensity of feeling that can be experienced but not explained. Some who are listening today will know what I mean. Sacred music has a unique capacity to communicate our feelings of love for the Lord. This kind of communication is a wonderful aid to our worship. Many have difficulty expressing worshipful feelings in words, but all can join in communicating such feelings through the inspired words of our hymns." Dallin H. Oaks, October 1994