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Two Mission Flag & State Missionary Welcome Home Banner

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Price: $24.99
    Ready to Ship: 5-7 Business Days
    Can be personalized
    • Features two flags & shape outlines of your choice
    • 60x27 inch poster on heavyweight paper
    • Add missionary name & missions
    • Perfect for two mission missionaries
    Elder or Sister:

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    Max: 25 character(s)
    Mission Name 1 (as you'd like it printed) *
    Max: 35 character(s)
    Mission Name 2 (as you'd like it printed) *
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    For a variety of reasons, many missionaries end up serving in multiple places. Now you can celebrate both missions that this missionary was able to serve in!

    This missionary banner features two flags for two missions. They will be placed in the state or country outline. The colors of the text will be determined by the flags. This is a fun banner to pick out and present when your missionary comes home.

    This banner measures 60x27 inches with a matte finish printed on 35lb heavyweight paper. 

    You may also take a look at our Two Mission Missionary Plaque that is designed specifically for them. It can help add a personal touch to their homecoming that they may keep for the years to come.