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Would you like to gain more from your temple attendance? More knowledge and power? More help for your daily life? Understanding Temple Symbols helps us think about the temple in new and different ways—discovering unexplored avenues of learning, opening doors we hadn't noticed before, and deepening our understanding of the symbolism used in the Lord's House.

Our temple experience is rooted in symbols, and to understand those symbols is to receive more fully the endowment of knowledge the Lord desires to give us. Author Jack M. Lyon provides guidance as we learn to recognize how temple symbols answer such questions as the following:

  • What is the meaning of covenants and offerings?
  • How did God create the world, and what can we learn from his methods?
  • What is the tree of life?
  • What was the forbidden fruit?
  • What is our condition in the lone and dreary world?
  • Who are the Lord's messengers, and how can we know them?
  • How does the temple teach and testify of the Savior and what he has done for us?

Whether you have just begun attending the temple or are well seasoned in temple worship, Understanding Temple Symbols offers intriguing new insights about the House of the Lord, making connections between the temple and the scriptures for all who seek further light and knowledge.

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Beautiful illustrations!

By Kathleen on 4/18/2017
The illustrations in the book are breathtaking and then the explanations for little things you might not know are amazing. Love this book!